Celebrate Carnival in Barcelona

On Fat Thursday, King Carnestoltes gets the festivities for Carnival under way, where transgression is the norm and fun is obligatory.

Celebrate Carnival in Barcelona

Cheeky King Carnestoltes will be arriving in the city on 23 February this year, on Fat Thursday. His arrival signals the start of a week of revelry, where transgression, role reversal and the exaltation of individual and collective freedom is the order of the day.

Up until Ash Wednesday, the city’s districts will fill with afternoon snacks of botifarra d’ou Catalan pork and egg sausage, omelettes and suet pastry cakes, dances with masks, neighbourhood parades, children’s parties and shows, exhibitions, omelette contests and Carnestoltes at the markets.

The ceremonial burial of the sardine rounds off this festival, which has changed a lot since 1333, the first year it was documented in Barcelona, but continues to be one of the most firmly-rooted celebrations in the city and one which involves local residents.

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